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Community Futures East Central

Box 727, 601 Edmonton Street, Broadview, SK - Phone: (306) 696-2443

Image Credit: Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

East Central Services


  • Term loans to a maximum of $150,000
  • Fixed interest rate set by the Canada Small Business Financing Act
  • A one-time 2% administration fee is added to the loan or paid up front
  • Loan funds managed and administered through a local board of directors
  • Loans are available to all types of businesses
  • Loans often in partnership with other conventional lenders


  • Regional Site for Canada-Saskatchewan Business Service Centre
  • Assistance with business idea development
  • Research and assistance with business plan development
  • Counselling/Mentoring services for all types of businesses
  • Referrals to other Government programs and assistance agencies
  • Statistical database related to market expenditure and small business ratios
  • Site of business infosource* library of small business manuals and videos


  • Strategic linkages with learning institutions and Government employment agencies.
  • Working closely with Community Economic Development Groups
  • Actively participating in Western Economic Diversification's Business Service Alliance

Community Accountability:

The following information is available by contacting our office:

  • A current Audited Financial Statement and Annual Report
  • A current listing of the Board of Directors
  • Corporate policy with respect to the election of Directors

* A service of the Canada-Saskatchewan Business Service Centre; a joint initiative of Western Economic Diversification Canada and the Saskatchewan Department of Industry and Resources