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Town of Gull Lake 2014 Project

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The Elk's Club of Gull Lake were winners of the 2014 Community Beautification Program. Community Futures Southwest gave them $2000.00 towards their Elk's Hall project. The hall is used by everyone in the community for different groups and get togethers. The town rents the building out as needed but the revenue doesn't pay to upkeep it. It is a very important place for the town and that's why we chose them to recieve the grant.

Local volunteers came out and cleaned the old paint off the building, prepping it for the new paint. The building was painted after a vote was held by all to choose the color. We think the building turned out great!!

A sign will be placed on the building in the future, and for now, the building has cleaned up and brighten the street for the town. Gull Lake has done alot of work for the Communities in Bloom program this year that needs to be mentioned as well. Cleaning up the streets and fencing off some of the vacant areas has made a world of difference. Fresh garbage cans on the streets and nice spots to sit, such as benches that are new this year.

We love the new look and can't wait to see what's next. They should be proud of the work that was done because it really is beautiful!!

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