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Introducing ELEVATE!

  • April 15, 2016
  • Written by CFS Administrator

Do you dream of starting your own business? How would you like to have a team of business cheerleaders by your side from the very beginning of your business journey?

Introducing ELEVATE!

ELEVATE is a dynamic new business building program for youth and adults with a disability or health condition interested in starting a business. This program assists entrepreneurs locating their businesses in rural, remote or northern communities in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba.

Funded in part by the Government of Canada's Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities Program, ELEVATE provides assistance, support and resources to qualified individuals who wish to become self-employed.

What Can ELEVATE Do For Me?

Entrepreneurship: Enjoy the rewarding and fulfilling experience of building and growing a successful business of your own.

Leadership: Be a leader in the community where you work and live.

Empowerment: Take your business skills and knowledge to the next level with valuable training and learning opportunities.

Viable Option: Discover the freedom, satisfaction and independence of being your own boss.

Accessibility: Achieve your business goals more quickly with a wide range of specialized services and financial resources, including living, travel and childcare expenses.

Teamwork: Access a team of experts and administrators to help you every step of the way, including an experienced business mentor, as well as accounting and bookkeeping support.

Encouragement: Receive ongoing support and accountability from a dedicated group of champions who will help propel you towards your business success.

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Government of CanadaFunded in part by the Government of Canada’s Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities Program/Financé en partie par le Gouvernement du Canada par le Fonds d'intégration pour les personnes handicapées.