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Starting Your Business in Saskatchewan: The Sky is the Limit!

  • February 6, 2015
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Along with a rich diversity of history and culture, Saskatchewan offers entrepreneurs an endless amount of opportunities for small business development that align with a wide array of distinct interests, unique skills and big ideas. The Land of Living Skies is ripe with profitable possibilities to start and grow the business you've always wanted!

Thinking of taking an entrepreneurial leap? Below are just a few exciting reasons why Saskatchewan is the perfect landing pad for your new venture.

Attractive Tax Incentives

Saskatchewan small businesses, defined as Canadian-controlled private corporations, pay a reduced rate of 2.0% (commonly known as the small business rate) on eligible business income. The eligible income threshold for the small business tax rate is $500,000.

In addition, a number of regions across the province offer various aggressive tax exemption programs that are aimed specifically towards stimulating small business growth and supporting new entrepreneurs. Our informative e-book, The Best Regions & Industries to Start a Business in Saskatchewan, highlights a number of the regions and communities that have undertaken these initiatives.

Remarkable Business Support

In addition to the exceptional resources and support you will receive through Community Futures, there are a number of other organizations across the province that can provide guidance and other targeted assistance as you build and grow your business in Saskatchewan. Our mission is to provide you with every possible avenue for success in your endeavours and we are happy to point you in the right direction for additional support.

For example, Futurpreneur is a national non-profit organization with regional offices in Regina and Saskatoon that provides funding, mentoring and tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39. Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan lends business advisory and support services tailored specifically to the needs and challenges of female entrepreneurs and business owners. Ideas Inc. and Square One are two other providers that offer a variety of self-help and assisted services to entrepreneurs.

Prosperous Prospects

Saskatchewan's booming economy, growing population and diversity of industry culminates into an ideal environment for aspiring entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Kindersley is buzzing with chances to launch a niche business in the oil and gas sector, while Humboldt may be the perfect place to open up a boutique retail space. The Visions North Region, which includes that bustling hub of La Ronge, could be the home of your wilderness retreat or bed and breakfast. With affordable office space still in strong supply, North Battleford might just be the place to open your consulting practice or design studio. The opportunities are only limited by your imagination!

A Higher Standard of Living

Saskatchewan is renowned for having an outstanding standard of living. The quality of life is high, while the cost of living is low, which makes Saskatchewan an ideal place to work, play, live and raise a family.

Owning a home is affordable and achievable for most people, as housing costs are lower in Saskatchewan than in most major cities in Canada. As well, unlike many other Canadian provinces, there are no personal premiums or personal charges for basic and needed health services in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan is home to a diverse landscape, friendly people and unparalleled opportunities for enjoyment, entertainment and adventure. For outdoor enthusiasts, world-class freshwater fishing, abundant wildlife and the serene beauty of our provincial and national parks will appeal. More than 250 museums, countless art galleries, theatres, and live music venues in every corner of the province provide endless opportunities for engaging cultural experiences. Science centres, mineral spas, river cruises, hundreds of golf courses and dinosaur digs are among just a few of the other leisure and recreational activities that are offered in communities throughout the province.

Are you unsure what Saskatchewan community is the perfect home for you and your new business? Find the office nearest you today!