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Hudson Bay Tattoo & Hair Company

  • August 26, 2013
  • Written by CFS Administrator

Community Futures Newsask had an opportunity to assist the Hudson Bay Tattoo & Hair Company with its need to purchase a commercial property. Owners, Robin and Stacey, had recently returned to the area and were operating the business from their home when Robin approached CF and requested assistance in purchasing a property.

In addition to receiving financing for the business' land, building and equipment, Robin and Stacey had help from CF Newsask with their business plan. While they had skills and experience in the industry, they were largely unfamiliar with this strategic tool. Robin indicates that through working with CF, they have successfully gone through this planning process and built confidence in their business.

By having the proper location, space and plan to effectively run their business, the Hudson Bay Tattoo & Hair Company has grown their client base, visibility and trust in the community. According to the owners, "having an office like Community Futures Newsask is such a blessing in this province. It gives hope to rural communities and small business".

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