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Tire Shop in Creighton has become a “Big Success” !

  • February 21, 2013
  • Written by Visions North Admin

Jason Wilson of Creighton was born to be an entrepreneur. But it took nine years of working for someone else for him to realize he could do it himself. He opened his own business, and he’s never looked back. He credits his former employer, now the “friendly opposition” with giving him his start. Jason learned all about the tire business while working there.

Jason now owns and operates Jason’s Tire in Creighton, SK. The shop opened November 20, 2000, as a tire shop and has been adding services over the years. Now, Jason sells and services all six including semi tires; brakes, exhaust systems; and transmissions for vehicles up to one ton in weight.His shop covers 3,000 square feet; with an additional 1,500 square feet upstairs for tire storage. He keeps about 600 tires in stock at any one time.

“In the first year we purchased 119,000 tires and we’re moving up.” He says. “But the mechanical side has far outstripped the tire sales and service – it’s huge!” The business has four service bays, and can work on four vehicles at a time.

He doesn’t have a tow truck though. “It wouldn’t pay”, he says. He uses a local towing service to tow vehicles to the shop. He doesn’t do body work either, leaving that to experts in another business. Having your business is a lot of work, but it’s better than working for someone else,” he says.

“To me, the key is good service and treating everyone fairly,” he says. If you’re honest and don’t mess people around, have a good manner with everyone and honour all warranties, people get to know you and the business will grow. As an example of service, if a regular local customer needs and oil change but doesn’t have time to drop the vehicle off, we’ll pick it up,” he says. Jason is a bundle of energy, always on the move, always trying to figure out ways of improving his service. He has a way with people, jokes with his customer and is almost always in a good humour

Banks not interested? As a young entrepreneur, Jason had to find funding to get his business off the ground. However, with his aboriginal background he was able to access funds like Aboriginal Business Canada, Northern Enterprise Fund and Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation. The Opportunities Fund and Visions North CFDC also helped out. By syndicating, all the agencies were able to back Jason in his new venture.