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Often Overlooked Business Lessons from 5 Popular Movies

  • February 19, 2018
  • Written by Community Futures Saskatchewan

Hollywood blockbusters are often full of entertainment, drama, and action, but did you know that they also contain several takeaways for aspiring and current entrepreneurs? That’s right, the five popular films below bear some excellent lessons for small business owners in Saskatchewan. Read on to discover what your favorite movies could teach you about building your very own company!  

  1. Wonder Woman

In this blockbuster, Diana (Wonder Woman) undertook an overwhelming mission: save the world from annihilation during World War II. Along the way she was pushed to her mental and physical limit, and faced moments of insecurity about both her cause and her ability to achieve what she set out to do. Yet, Diana followed through on her commitment, ultimately turning the tide of the war and preventing humanity’s destruction.


Just like Wonder Woman, you are capable of more than you think. Owning a small business can be challenging at times but as long as you are driven by the right “why,” you can make it through the tough moments and on to success. Discover the essential reasons why having the right vision, mission, and values matters—and how to create your own.

  1. The Wizard of Oz

A pair of ruby slippers, a tornado to end all tornados, and a ragtag group set on finding the all-powerful Wizard… it’s no wonder that this classic film has enthralled generations of viewers. Lucky for today’s entrepreneurs, The Wizard of Oz also teaches some very valuable business lessons.


Dorothy couldn’t have done it alone. However, armed with her trusty band of sidekicks—the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Good Witch of the North, and Toto—she was able to complete her journey and eventually get home. Every entrepreneur needs a good support system to thrive, whether that includes family, friends, fellow small business owners, or some combination of all three. In fact, spending time with loved ones and colleagues is one of the best ways to avoid entrepreneurial burnout!

  1. Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call? New York City quickly realized the answer when supernatural creatures came calling: the Ghostbusters, a group of paranormal enthusiasts who cracked jokes while closing wormholes to other dimensions.


The Ghostbusters saw an unfulfilled need in the market, unconventional though it may be, and took advantage of the opportunity. They homed in on the demand for their services, built a reputation for resolving the issues that no one else could, and created buzz around their brand. Be like the Ghostbusters! If you see a potential need in your area, don’t be afraid to do market research and determine whether the path seems promising. Then, ask these 9 questions before creating a detailed business plan.

Tip: Check out these emerging markets for entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan. One of them may spark an idea for your small business!

  1. Back to the Future

When Marty McFly and Doc team up, they wreak havoc on history. After Marty gets sent back to 1955, he’s charged with ensuring that his parents become romantically involved while Doc figures out a way to send Marty back to the present.


Because Marty and Doc are from the future, they have a different perspective than everyone else in 1950s Hill Valley. Likewise, you might also see a different reality than others. You may be the only one in your circle with the entrepreneurial itch, or perhaps you’re not receiving a lot of support regarding your small business idea.

Whatever the case, the lesson to learn from Back to the Future is that sometimes you can see the future before others do—but it doesn’t mean that you’re wrong. If you’re wondering whether your small business idea is worth pursuing, reach out to Community Futures! We can walk you through assessing your idea, conducting market research, and creating a business plan.  

  1. Titanic

Jack and Rose stole our hearts while falling in love on the Titanic, the ill-fated ship that sank on its maiden voyage after striking an iceberg. Due to an inadequate supply of lifeboats, more than half of the passengers and crew on the ship perished at sea, Jack included. Rose, however, survived to tell the tale.


Rose was faced with a difficult decision aboard the Titanic: risk everything to be with Jack or play it safe and submit to a life of unhappiness with her abusive fiancé. She chose to do what she felt was right and start a relationship with Jack, which ultimately led to her survival and living a life on her own terms. Like Rose, don’t be afraid to take a chance. Make the leap to entrepreneurship—with help from Community Futures, you can build a prosperous small business in Saskatchewan!

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