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Community Futures Beaver River

Box 2678, 106 - 1st Street East, Meadow Lake, SK - Phone: (306) 236-4422

Image Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Paul Austringr

Lake Time Resorts

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Lake Time Resorts is a vacation rental company based out of Greig Lake, SK in the Meadow Lake Provincial Park.  They provide 2 luxury cabins and 3 camper rentail units for clients that are looking to vacation in Northern Saskatchewan.  The business started in June 2020 and is owned and operated by Phil and Jenalee Blatz.  Lake Time Resorts began expansion of their vacation rental business with the addition of two all season luxury rental cabins in late 2022/early 2023.  Through the construction of the cabins, the company was able to provide a lot of business for local contractors, hardware stores, appliance and furniture businesses.  Phil and Jenalee state that providing vacation rental accomodation for clients while exploring Greig Lake and the Meadow Lake Provincial Park is very rewarding.

"We were expanding our vacation rental business by adding two all season cabins at Greig Lake in the Meadow Lake Provincial Park.  Beaver River CFDC was recommended to use to help with financing to complete the development.  Beaver River CFDC was one of the smoothest lending experiences that we have encountered.  When we are ready to expand, Beaver River CFDC will be the first corporation we look to for financing." - Phil Blatz, Lake Time Resorts

To contact Lake Time Resorts call 306-304-0772 or email  You can also book or get further information on their website at, and can find them on Facebook!