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Northern Beauty Spa and Apparel

Northern Beauty Spa Blk LogoNorthern Beauty black logoNorthern Beast black logo

Northern Beauty Spa and Apparel is a Spa and Clothing Brand company that started in December 2021 and is owned and operated by Iris Buffin.  Through the spa, Iris is able to help bring skincare and beauty care to the Northern Communities.  Iris’s passion for beauty and clothing has allowed her to show her community and surrounding areas that self-care is essential and that no matter what, she will always welcome everyone openly and wholeheartedly.  With her clothing brand Northern Beauty and Northern Beast, she has created a new way for people to connect in the Northern Communities.  The logo for Northern beauty, Iris says, was inspired by our Northern people – their successes, their hardships, their perseverance, and their beauty.  This is why she chose one of the most resilient materials on Earth, a diamond – which in Iris’s words is “Often not thought of when you think of Indigenous Communities, but perfectly fitting”.  The Northern Beast logo followed, to connect as the more strength based masculine side of the brand.    

Iris stated that she heard of Beaver River CFDC through a course she had taken with Praxis School of Entrepreneurship along with recommendations by family and friends.  Although Iris did put the business plan on hold in 2021 when she welcomed a child, she continued on with her plan and opened the business the same year.  Iris officially opened her business in December of 2021 starting with the clothing brand, then advancing to add the Spa room in March 2022.

“I absolutely love working with Beaver River CFDC.  I love that I can talk to them anytime and get help with new ideas, feedback and support whenever they can lend it.  I will continue to work with Beaver River CFDC in my future endeavors.  I recommend Beaver River CFDC whenever somebody asks me about how I started and who I received help from. 
I recently came upon a saying ‘Somebody asked me what I am going to do when I make it to the top, I said, reach my hand back down for the rest’, I am always open to helping anyone in any way I can, whether it’s just an ear to bounce ideas off without judgement, or to help figure out where to get started” – Iris Buffin, Owner of Norther Beauty Spa and Apparel