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Community Futures Beaver River

Box 2678, 106 - 1st Street East, Meadow Lake, SK - Phone: (306) 236-4422

Image Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Paul Austringr

Ile A La Crosse Fish Company Inc.


The Ile A La Crosse Fish Company is a CFIA Certified Processing and Packing Fish Plant.  The company was founded in 2012.  Ile A La Crosse Fish Company services and provides value to the commercial fishing industry in the Northwest Saskatchewan region.  You can find their frozen deboned Walleye, Pike, and Trout fillets across Western Canada in Federated Co-operative Ltd. (Co-Op) Grocery Stores. The company also sells fish to local vendors across Saskatchewan. They provide assurance to licensed commercial fishers in the region by purchasing fish, giving the fishers a place to sell their fish.  The company receives fish directly or can arrange pickup at the fishing source, depending on the community/area of the fishing source.  Ile A La Crosse Fish Company pays the commercial fishers a premium for their product, to assist in putting more money in the hands of the fishers. 

In 2015 Ile A La Crosse Fish Company leveraged financing from Beaver River CFDC for business expansion, which was completed in 2017. 

Ile a La Crosse Fish Company currently has an existing relationship with Beaver River CFDC through our licensed commercial fishers who Beaver River CFDC provides loans and grants to for new assets and materials to for fishing.  This program is a collaboration between the Beaver River CFDC and Primrose Lake Economic Development Corporation (PLEDCO). 

“Beaver River CFDC is adaptable to our needs, setting up re-payment structures that benefit our company’s seasonal cycle.  Also, they are always available for phone calls to settle any discrepancies.  When we have meetings in the area and need a place to meet, they loan us their board room!  This is very much appreciated.  We would recommend Beaver River CFDC for any new business start-ups, expansions or acquisitions.  Beaver River CFDC is not only a lender to us, but a true partner.”  - Tyler Morin, Representative of Ile A La Crosse Fish Company.