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Community Futures Beaver River

Box 2678, 106 - 1st Street East, Meadow Lake, SK - Phone: (306) 236-4422

Image Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Paul Austringr

Beauval Marine & Small Engine

Beauval Marine & Small Engine

Randy and Kathy are a husband and wife team that own and operate Beauval Marine & Small Engine, a retail small engine parts store and repair shop for boats, ATVs, snowmobiles and other small engines. Their business is located at Beauval Forks, near the Village of Beauval. They started their business in 1996 and it has been a very important part of the community ever since. Beauval Marine & Small Engine services customers from various communities in the North along with some customers South of Beauval as well. They are an integral part of Wild Rice Harvesting and Commercial Fishing industries as they repair and rebuild machinery such as wild rice harvesters and snowmobiles, which are necessary for operation of these businesses. This business is also vital in serving the Forestry industry in the North, assisting with necessary parts and oils needed for small engine equipment like chainsaws, etc. Along with assisting other businesses and industries in the area, this business also serves tourists with servicing boats and other small engines in the winter/summer.

“A good customer of ours mentioned Beaver River CFDC to us, as we were talking about wanting to add onto our shop, having a separate retail section and having the main shop as a drive in from the front and exit from the back of the shop. We started our business in 1996 and we basically outgrew our current shop. Beaver River CFDC has been such great help. Very positive. They are willing to see you when you do not have an appointment. We appreciate what they have done helping us expand our business. We would recommend to others for sure.” - Randy & Kathy Kindel, Owners of Beauval Marine & Small Engine