Tips & Tools

Tips, Tools, Downloads & Resources

Business information at your fingertips! No matter the business question, we can help you find the answer. Don’t see what you need on list below? Contact your local Community Futures office. We’d be happy to help.

Looking for Start-up Information?

  1. Start-up Checklist (PDF)
  2. Startup Business Plan Workbook
  3. Business Structure Options
  4. Licences and Registrations
  5. Business Start-Up Resources
  6. Business Name Registration
  7. Business Research and Information

Preparing your Loan Application?

  1. CF Loan Application (PDF)
  2. CF Business Plan Guide (PDF)
  3. CF Cash Flow Worksheet (XLS)
  4. Loan Payment Calculator
  5. Start-up Costs Worksheet Document (PDF)
  6. The Five Secrets to Loan Qualification (PDF)

Looking for Market or Planning Information?

  1. Business Benchmark Tool
  2. Community Profile Demographics
  3. Saskatchewan Market Research
  4. Market Research and Statistics
  5. Marketing Budget Worksheet (PDF)

Making sense of your Business Numbers

  1. Cash Flow Worksheet (XLS)
  2. Start-up Cost Worksheet Document (PDF)
  3. Markup vs Margin Document (PDF)
  4. Financial Ratio Guide Document (PDF)

Other Helpful Resources

  1. Buying a Business in Saskatchewan (PDF)
  2. Goal Setting Guide - 6 Steps to Turn Your Passion into a Plan (PDF)
  3. What Community Futures Looks for in a Loan (PDF)
  4. 10 Game-Changing Social Media Tactics for Small Businesses (PDF)
  5. Money Mastery Secrets for Small Business Owners
  6. The Saskatchewan Business Start-Up Checklist (PDF)
  7. The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit (PDF)
  8. The Art of Your Start (MP3)
  9. Making Business Headlines & Turning Press into Profits (PDF)