An interview with Rahul Garambha, Owner of Dollar Store Inc.

  • Written by Meridian Admin

We had the privilege to sit down with Rahul Garambha, owner of Dollar Store Inc. and ask him a few questions about his experience as an entrepreneur and how CF Meridian has supported his journey.

1. What were some challenges you faced in your business prior to working with CF Meridian?

My business is mostly inventory turnover based model, therefore, cash flow is very important. Most banks are hesitant and hard to deal with when you require funding for inventory. Not just in the beginning but that challenge remains forever.

2. How has CF Meridian helped your company reach their goals?

CF Meridian is very easy going in terms of financial support. CF helped me during store renovation and adding some features in the store. In the end it worked out really well. 

3. What have been the greatest benefits you’ve received from working with CF Meridian?

Working with CF feels like working with your own people. Anytime I need help, the staff of CF Meridian was there just one call away.

4. Would you recommend working with CF Meridian to other business owners? And why?

I certainly would recommend business owners to work with Community Features because for “New Business Owners” what you get is not just financial support but moral support as well. CF will help you develop your business, creating more jobs and eventually developing your community.

5. What is one phrase of encouragement you have for other individuals who are operating a business?

“Are you enthusiastic entrepreneur? CF is your way to go.”