An interview with Sarah Makins, Owner & Director of Fame Dance Studios Ltd.

  • Written by Meridian Admin

We recently got to sit down with Sarah Makins, Owner & Director of Fame Dance Studios Ltd in Provost. We discussed her experience as an entrepreneur and how Community Futures Meridian helped her as a business owner in a rural community. To help future clients and local aspiring entreprenuers understand what we do and how we can help, here's your sneak peek on our services.

1.) What were some challenges you faced in your business prior to working with CF Meridian?

 Finding a financial institution that thought our business was worth supporting and maintaining an even cash flow.


2.) How has CF Meridian helped your company reach their goals?

 CF Meridian has given us financial stability and has relieved the anxiety of poor cash flow when clients are late paying their accounts but we still have to pay our staff.


3.) What have been the greatest benefits you’ve received from working with CF Meridian?

 I would really say answers to question 1 and 2 as well as dealing with a wonderfully supportive staff!


4.) Would you recommend working with CF Meridian to other business owners? And why?

 Most definitely I would as CF Meridian is an incredibly courteous organization that provides so much support in time of need.


5.) What is one phrase of encouragement you have for other individuals who are operating a business?

If you believe in your business and the services you provide to the public, keep finding solutions no matter what the odds seem to be.


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