Annual Women in Business Workshop

While a sizable gap still exists between the number of self-employed women and men, it hasn’t stopped enterprising rural women from forging their own paths. On a global scale, Canadian women hold the number-one spot when it comes to creating and running their own businesses; rural Canada is no exception.

Women entrepreneurs need access to financing that enables them to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace. Community Futures (CF) offers various lending options for women-owned and women-led businesses in rural Saskatchewan. CF provides additional support in the form of expert advice and high-quality training sessions.

For the past 14 years, Community Futures Visions North has hosted annual Women in Business Workshops.  The workshop on October 10, 2019 was held in La Ronge, Saskatchewan.

The workshops attracted women from La Ronge and surrounding areas. Daria Malin kicked the day off with her presentation titled Starting Over...Again. She led the participants through a step-by-step process to hit the reset button when it came to career, business, or everyday life. Interwoven into her presentation were her own real-life examples of when she had to start over again. Through dealing with challenges in her personal life, Daria began to develop the tools to help reset her life that she was passing on to the participants.

Over lunch the audience heard from Susan Bater, who manages the Community Futures (CF) Entrepreneurs with Disabilities program in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Susan shared stories of successful entrepreneurs that the Program has helped, along with current programming that they offered for entrepreneurs with health conditions. She encouraged the participants to reach out to their local CF offices if they needed help.

Next, Dolores Miller of Northern Lights Art Studio gave the audience an up-close look at the ups and downs of being a female small business owner. Her presentation highlighted key aspects of business ownership, including common mistakes and her personal tips for success.

The afternoon session was hosted by Jacqueline Almeida who spoke about the beliefs and barriers that affect women in business. She spoke of her own experiences of growing up in New York City and her parents' home country of Ecuador, and how one simple negative experience as a child shaped her formative years. She encouraged all the participants to begin to rewrite their life stories by celebrating every milestone.

An excellent team of volunteers and sponsors helped make this event a success. We are grateful for their efforts to make these workshops impactful.

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