Andria Brady

Andria is the regional economic development coordinator at Community Futures (CF) Sunrise. This critical rural development work is aimed at providing educational opportunities to individuals, businesses, municipal representatives who are working to build rural economies.

CF Sunrise received funding under the Canada Coal Transition Initiative to work with businesses and communities in the region affected by the transition away from using coal-fired power plants. The team has completed extensive surveys in the region to learn what supports are needed.

CF Sunrise has created a comprehensive Regional Business Development Plan to guide the work of equipping small businesses and communities in adjusting to changing times in order to help them develop a vibrant rural economy.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the work has included more virtual training sessions as well as smaller, customized in-person workshops. Andria emphasized that more and more, rural businesses need to embrace e-commerce, social media, and online platforms in order to remain viable and competitive.

In the CF Sunrise office, “a huge amount of work that gets done in a small office, these ladies are driven and dedicated!”

Andria has been involved with the organization in a volunteer capacity for close to 20 years, and has met some amazing entrepreneurs and people from throughout the region and the province. The board members are a highly skilled and hardworking group who genuinely desire to uplift rural economies.

Andria notes that CF Sunrise will continue to shift towards virtual ways of providing training and interacting with local businesses. This will be pivotal to the regrowth of the region and the province as rural Canada rebounds from the current economic situation.

Out of the office, Andria enjoys a good day outdoors from gardening, yardwork and spending time at the beach. You can also find Andria on a roller derby track or enjoying time with pets.

Andria’s motivation to continue with the work of developing rural businesses comes from the desire to keep making a difference in the lives of small business owners.