Heather Frederickson

Introducing the vice-chairperson of the Community Futures (CF) Sunrise Board, Heather Frederickson! From Wawota, Heather is an entrepreneur herself and loves “feeling that same exciting feeling of starting a business.”

Heather consulted CF Sunrise a few times for assistance with her various business ventures before joining the board.

She decided to send in her application after a spot on the board opened because “entrepreneurship is such a big part of our family,” referring to her experience running small businesses with both her husband and son.

Heather loves that her work allows her to able to provide loans and supporting entrepreneurs with developing business plans. She has also enjoyed attending conferences on behalf of the board such as the national Community Futures conference in Quebec and the Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance.

She feels proud to be a part of an organization that “wants success as much as the people want success with their business.”

Because she has personal experience in entrepreneurship, Heather knows that running a small business is no easy feat.

“Entrepreneurs have a way of making things work. And they’re willing to work hard,” she says. However, she also admires the integrity that comes from the small business owners she has observed while on the board.

 “Even if a business is a little risky, if they have the right attitude, there’s nothing that will stop a business from being successful.”

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