Holly Marshak

Holly Marshak is the Business Development Officer at Community Futures (CF) Sagehill. Starting her CF journey back in 1999 as a Small Business Specialist with CF Sagehill, and after some time away, it is her belief in the programs and services that Community Futures provides, that drew Holly back to continue the work of developing the rural economy.

Her role has a strong client focus. Providing loans, advice and support to small business owners is the core of CF Sagehill. Whether it be working with a client through a financing application, providing support and guidance for people aspiring to start new businesses and become self-employed or helping to develop a solid business plan, Holly will work with clients to get the job done.

This support continues throughout the process of running a thriving rural business. Small businesses are advised about everything from how to register a business name to how to go about day-to-day bookkeeping.

Holly is also actively involved with developing workshop curriculums and assisting with creating promotional material.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given small businesses in the CF Sagehill region an extra push toward doing business online. Having an online presence will continue to benefit these small businesses beyond the pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, the CF Sagehill office never stopped serving rural businesses. Contacting each loan client was a priority throughout. Community Futures Sagehill staff remained diligent in discussing payment options with entrepreneurs, knowing that this would have been a source of much stress, given that some of them had to temporarily shut their doors.

“Due to the pandemic, we realized that we needed to adjust our approach with our clients to include processes like virtual meetings and conference calls.”

When asked what has surprised her most about working with CF, Holly remarks on the sustained passion that small business owners have. “It’s like the old saying goes: where there’s a will, there is a way. This is evident when working with our clients, and it is always a refreshing take away at the end of the day.”

When thinking about the clients she has worked with in the past, Holly recalls their resilience. “They are determined; they are passionate about their business and each one of them is a success.”

Whether it is securing another piece of equipment because of continued growth and expansion, reaching a sales goal sooner than expected, or adding another product line to the mix, CF Sagehill is happy to celebrate each of these successes.

Seeing passionate and motivated small business owners thrive in rural communities keeps Holly motivated to do this important work. The entrepreneurs are thankful that Community Futures believes in them and wants the best for them.

Working for Community Futures is rewarding. “With each day, comes new ideas and small business opportunities ready to be taken to the next level. It’s a great feeling to help an entrepreneur realize their dreams!”

Holly is just as passionate about being a hockey and baseball mom and enjoys nothing more than watching her boys play the sports they love. She enjoys spending time with her family in their backyard, on the lake fishing, and in her garden.

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