Marion Scott

Marion is the office administrator with Community Futures (CF) Sunrise, a role she has been fulfilling for the past nine years. In her position, she is usually the first person that entrepreneurs interact with. She answers all their initial questions and, based on their needs, goes on to forward inquiries to her coworkers.

She has developed an organized system to create profiles for each new client, followed by an activity log outlining the nature of the inquiry and response. After each and every interaction with a client, the activity log is updated to make sure all staff can track the progress of each case.

Marion also keeps up with all social media engagements. With social media becoming a bigger part of day-to-day business marketing and exposure, she keeps an eye on the analytics across CF Sunrise’s social media platforms.

Another crucial part of her work is maintaining the office’s day-to-day bookkeeping, ensuring that the office’s financial records are kept up to date.

Marion has been a part of witnessing the CF Sunrise office supporting numerous businesses at points when the fluctuating economy has had both negative and positive effects on small businesses.

She has been most surprised by seeing the opportunities that CF Sunrise has provided to numerous successful start-ups.

She remarks: “It’s exciting to have these businesses share their success stories as they continue to provide great services and products to consumers and grow their business. These entrepreneurs have also maintained or increased employment in our region.”

CF Sunrise has been able to support several successful entrepreneurs. From clients who bought existing businesses to those who started with an idea. All the small businesses work hard and take full advantage of the management support offered by CF Sunrise.

The most successful entrepreneurs regularly attend workshops and acquire new skills to assist in successfully managing their businesses. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the next five years are difficult to predict. Marion simply hopes for recovery and growth in the region, province and country. Sunrise will continue offering support.

When she is away from work, Marion enjoys gardening. She nurtures flowers and shrubs and she loves craft projects. On the weekends, you can find Marion doing some woodwork; she particularly enjoys distressing old pieces. She also enjoys a round of golf or a game of bowling.

When asked what motivated her to continue doing this important work for CF Sunrise, Marion says, “There are always new ways to learn and provide information to our community. Zoom has played a huge part in offering our services and information. As well as regular Zoom meetings with my co-workers (to) keep us current on projects.”

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