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  • January 30, 2017
  • Written by Community Futures Saskatchewan

According to Shayne Humpheries, you can accomplish almost anything in life and business if you have a good idea, the right support, and the will to succeed. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Shayne couldn’t agree more!

As the owner and operator of Edgy Workshop in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Shayne offers motion graphic design, including aerial video and digital editing services. He tells us that while the primary catalyst for starting the company was a life-long fascination with technology and information gathering, he was also determined to launch a venture that he could be proud of while also creating the independence and freedom he was after.

However, this wasn’t an especially easy endeavour and Shayne worked hard to overcome some challenges to get the business off the ground. In addition to contending with a few physical hurdles due to a disability, he says that he also had to significantly shift his mindset to offset the doubts that can come along with launching a new business. As Shayne tells us, “I had to challenge my way of thinking and rise above my fears in order to prove to myself that I have what it takes to successfully run a business.”

In terms of the advice he would give to new entrepreneurs, Shayne points out that every roadblock or struggle you encounter along the way is almost always an opportunity for growth and learning. The key, he says, is not allowing setbacks to negatively impact your long-term vision and perspective.

“I've learned that you shouldn't be too hard on yourself if you stray off your path and away from your goals,” says Shane. “The trick is getting back on course as soon as possible and ensuring that you have the right people and resources in place along the way. While this can be mentally and physically challenging at first, you’ll eventually accomplish what you've set out to do if you just keep at it.”

Speaking of support and resources, Shane credits Community Futures for invaluable start-up assistance. He says that if you’re thinking about starting a business in Saskatchewan, Community Futures should definitely be one of your first stops!

“I really enjoyed my experience with Community Futures. Not only were the staff knowledgeable and friendly, they provided critical training and information that I simply couldn't have done without. They also helped with my business plan, which enabled me to secure a small business loan to buy the equipment and software I needed to start my business.”

Through the ELEVATE program in particular, Shayne not only appreciated the financial assistance for innovative courses and business training, but says that the additional funding he received for living expenses during his start-up phase was incredibly helpful.

When we asked Shayne why he opted to launch the business in Moose Jaw he told us that he genuinely appreciates the friendly and supportive atmosphere of the community. As he puts it, “People are always excited to see new businesses start and grow in their own backyard, which is incredibly encouraging and motivating as a business owner.”

In terms of the future, Shayne definitely has growth and expansion in mind. Yet as he plans to increase his client list and build a team, he also says that it’s important to always stay grounded in the present. “It’s really important to recognize that the small successes on a day-to-day basis really matter. The daily accomplishments that we sometimes take for granted are the most important because they collectively add-up to achieve that bigger success.”

Please join us in congratulating Shayne on his small business success!