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10 Reasons Why Sask Summer Tech Camp is Perfect For Your Teen!

  • June 20, 2017
  • Written by Community Futures Saskatchewan

As school ends, your child is excitedly looking at a few months of free time. You, on the other hand, may be scrambling to find something to keep them busy this summer. Look no further than Digital Game Markets: Work Local, Think Global, a tech camp for Saskatchewan youth presented by Community Futures in partnership with Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Here are just 10 reasons why your child (and you!) will love tech camp this July and August, and why we’re thrilled to offer youth programming across the province!

1. Staying mentally active and avoiding the summer slump

So many kids lose academic skills while out of school that it’s been termed the “summer opportunity gap.” In fact, children can lose two months of math skills during the summer and two to three months in reading abilities.

The best way to combat summer regression and ensure that your child returns to school prepared is to keep their mind active and engaged. What better way to do this than tech camp at one of the many convenient locations across the province? It’s summer education with a fun twist!

2. A safe, engaging place to hang out while busy parents work

Just because school stops does not mean that work does. If you’re searching for a fun and safe environment for your kids to enjoy while you’re putting in hours at the office, Digital Game Markets tech camp may be the answer.

Most camps run from 9 AM to 4 PM, making them ideally suited for working parents. No need to sit at work worrying whether or not your children are happily and securely occupied - enroll them in tech camp and breathe easy knowing that they’re having a blast under the careful supervision of experienced instructors.

3. Forming new friendships

Tech camp is designed to promote individual learning as well as group cooperation, meaning your child will have an opportunity to work with a diverse group of peers above the age of 13. Whether your child has one best friend or 20, there’s always room to meet new people and foster friendships that they can carry through the summer and beyond.

4. Learning + gaming—need we say more?

If your child is like many others, they enjoy the occasional (or everyday) video game. Now imagine that they were able to explore an entirely new side of video games by learning about animation, graphics, and programming. In Digital Game Markets: Work Local, Think Global, kids get to dive deeper into a hobby that they already enjoy and learn the art and science of what makes games possible.

5. Exploring a possible career path

Speaking of learning new skills, you never know what interests and hobbies could evolve into career paths down the line. Teenagers are at the perfect age to start thinking about what they’d like to pursue following high school, and tech camp is an ideal place to determine whether those studies might involve design, programming, and technology.

6. There’s likely a location near you

With 10 convenient tech camp locations across Saskatchewan, it’s likely that there’s one happening in your town or very nearby. Easy for parents and great for kids looking to get involved in their community - a win-win!

7. Working alongside skilled professionals

There is only so much one-on-one time that each student can receive at school due to large class sizes and short class periods. At tech camp, students have the opportunity to work with seasoned tech experts and receive dedicated mentorship. Because camps are multi-day and for several hours at a time, attendees can build rapport with their knowledgeable instructors while seeing projects all the way through to completion.

8. Stretching those creative muscles

We tend to think of creativity as something innate; some people have that creative gene and others don’t. In reality, each of us is creative in our own way and we can actually increase our levels of ingenuity and scope of innovation with practice, just like working any other muscle of the body.

The key to helping kids become more creative is giving them the opportunity to do so - a time and place for them to stretch their imagination and think outside the box. This is not only incredibly rewarding but can also result in stress relief, increased brain function, and improved mood as well.

9. Building confidence

You know that great feeling of finishing a tough project after hours of work? It’s like an instant confidence boost, along with that rewarding realization that you’re more capable than you thought! Your child can look forward to experiencing a similar surge of pride and self-assurance at the Community Futures' tech camps in an environment of ease and enjoyment. 

10. Fun, fun, fun

Perhaps the best reason to head to Digital Game Markets is that tech camp is simply a TON of fun. Isn’t that what summer is all about?

Give your child the gift of an awesome summer.

Learn more about tech camp and find your nearest Digital Game Markets location!